The development of school principals are matters of great importance for all school systems because effective educational leadership is vital to bringing about improvements in those activities that foster the provision of education and student learning. Historically the role of the principal has tended to focus on the responsibility in functional areas such as administration, planning, finance, student welfare, and reporting. In these contexts less emphasis has been placed on the principal’s role as decision-maker and as educational leader in the enhancement of school improvement and quality learning. The principal is not just administrative personnel. Rather the role of the principal goes beyond that of mere administrative duties. S/He is a bridge between the teachers, the children and the community making her/his role extremely critical for the functioning of the school. Over the years the role and responsibilities of the principals has intensified.

The conclave was a collaborative platform for secondary and higher learning leaders to develop a cooperative and committed pedagogy; one that strengthens the higher education learning experience.


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